Eric Singer


Cybersecurity is a never-ending learning journey with people and I love it !

I’m a passionate experienced cybersecurity leader, driving the change at all level of the Company from C-Level to Operators, embracing diversity and complexity, providing understandable and pragmatic approaches.

I’m leading C- level risk awareness and change management, designing cyber risk master plan, building transformation program for international companies.

I’m also on the ground and operational side, supporting IT and cyber technicians, managing cyber incidents. I’m definitely specialized in cyber crisis management and exercises.

My goal is to give value and sustainability to the business thanks cybersecurity, developing people expertise and efficiency in an international environment.

I love educating on cyber knowledge inside and outside the company. Thats why, I’m a board member of French and European cyber associations (CESIN, Ecso, Evanta). I’m also an evangelist and speaker in conferences sharing cyber watch analysis on ransomware attack and how to address Cyber in the Industry for instance.

Cybersecurity is an attitude, addressing the right risks with the right people, especially executives, with adequate process and technology, driving the change for a global positive impact for the company and our planet.