Richard Bordes


As a Strategic B2B Marketing & Social Media Expert at Lawaaimaker, I help businesses create true success by developing and implementing strategic marketing and social media plans that leverage the content and network of their organization and employees. With over 13 years of experience in this field, I have acquired a deep understanding of the B2B market and the best practices for engaging and converting the target audience.

I am also a speaker, author, columnist, moderator, and wave manager, who analyzes and discusses the topics at the interface between ICT, the human mind, and society, such as social selling and social media. I am the creator of the LinkedIn Business Game, a unique and interactive training program that teaches entrepreneurs and businesses how to use LinkedIn effectively for networking and communication. I have written a book on social media for entrepreneurs, and I host a radio show called “Bordes for Business”. I have been recognized as the most qualitative marketing blogger of the Netherlands in 2015, and one of the 33 most quirky columnists in 2013. My mission is to shake up companies and show them the other side of business, starting a wave with my vision, humour, and sharpness.